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I was flipping through twitter this morning, and was surprised by the lack of new year’s resolutions circulating (not that I make them – for some reason I feel that I shouldn’t need to be forced into resolutions just because of the start of a new year… that if I needed to make some radical change in life that I’d have the gusto to do it whenever the need arose).  Instead I have an ongoing “life experiences” list of certain things I want to try in the coming months & years 🙂

My twittering led me to an interesting blog post called Social Networking with Yourself by Richard Skaare.  Richard describes an experience of ‘coming across himself’ in his LinkedIn list, and viewing his profile from the perspective of someone else.


I remember hearing and reading many cautions over the years about how you portray yourself online.  What you say in forums, on newsgroups (hopefully those university antics have been erased by now?!?), on Facebook, etc stays out there, for any/everyone to see.  Could be a frightful experience if you say the wrong thing!

So here’s a new year’s resolution idea for those of you who make them (and not silly life experience lists)… search the web for yourself.  Setup a netvibes page (private if you’re worried about the aggregated results!) to bring in all the buzz about you & monitor you as a brand, and try to see yourself through someone else’s eyes – what would they think of you?  Check yourself out on facebook, myspace, linkedin, etc, and think of what a complete stranger would think of you from the information you’ve shared on the web.

Hopefully something nice! 🙂