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I’ve been following social media updates on the OC Transpo transit strike (see previous post) through a variety of social media channels.  Thought I’d share my search approach here, and ask if anyone has suggestions for other channels to follow or tools to use.

Facebook – searching for groups, events, and pages; following discussion topics & wall posts

Twitter to find relevant keyword tweets

socialmedialandscapeBlogs using keywords and sorted by date to get the most recent posts

Google Alerts – keyword alerts setup to send updates immediately

Youtube – daily keyword search for any new videos & discussions

Flickr – daily keyword search for any new photos & discussions

News Media Discussion forums – website discussions on local news sources (Ottawa Citizen; CBC Ottawa; National Post; etc)

I’ve had a quick look at MySpace & Ning but didn’t see anything relevant.

  1. Are there other social media sites that I should be searching?
  2. Are there any good tools that would help make it easier to follow a variety of social media sources?
information_overloadManaging information overload is no longer about filtering through email messages & a to do list on your desktop.

The rapid growth of content on the Internet means that we need to continue to refine how we find and follow relevant content online.  Not only are we searching through website content, but with blogs, wikis, twitter, and other social media content, the rate at which new content appears can be impossible to follow.  The challenge is to stay up-to-date on what’s going on out there, without spending your day sifting through all of it.  For example, there are tons of useful twitter feeds with updates coming in every second – you could literally spend all day following twitter (and receive some very interesting, relevant, and useful updates – if you’re tapped into the right sources).

A few tips for managing content in a web 2.0 world:

  1. Trust social media sources to deliver the news that you want to hear – DIGG; relevant blogs, twitter, RSS etc.  Use channel filters wherever available (thematic RSS feeds for example) to receive focused content.
  2. Continuously refine the content that you follow – add new interesting sources you discover on twitter; new blogs to iGoogle; etc; and don’t be shy to remove feeds that share more useless than useful info.
  3. Seek out the well connected people who are on top of things you want to follow – hot issue bloggers; tweeters; etc.
  4. Don’t be shy to participate – post questions, comments, ideas on blogs, forums, twitter – and tap into the collective wisdom and person-power of your own networks.

How do you stay connected without being overwhelmed?