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Today is the first day of the transit strike in Ottawa – hopefully it’ll be a short one! I thought I’d do a scan to see where the issue is being discussed in social media circles, and the types of web 2.0 tools being employed to help people deal with the impact (carpooling mostly), and to connect and discuss the issue.


Search for “Ottawa Transit” and “OC Transpo” on brings up many posts by people commenting on the strike, including some useful tips such as “b/c of transit strike, on-street, unmetered parking is unlimited in 1, 2, and 3 hour spots. At meters you still have to pay.”; links to news twitter feeds from @cbcnews @macleans (the Magazine) @timesnews @nationalpost

Map Mashups
Traffic Camera/Google Maps mashup

FaceBook Groups


Search on for blog posts:

  • OC Transpo Strike | as of Dec 11 – 25 posts
  • Ottawa Transit Strike | Dec 11 – 92 posts
  • Ottawa Transit | Dec 11 – 1219 posts
  • OC Transpo | Dec 11 – 276 posts

A search on Technorati and Google Blog Search results in quite a few different bloggers commenting on the strike – certainly a lot of negative sentiment towards OC Transpo:


The CTV Interview with OCTranspo Union leader
Not a lot of other strike related videos – lots of OC Transpo videos both from riders, and from OCTranspo
Compilation of bus videos

Media Website Discussion Spaces

CTV News Story closed their discussion space after 168 comments in just a few hours.
CBC News coverage with 208 comments as of 11AM Wed

Google Trends


Do you have any other examples that you’ve come across to share?

When I started a new job last January I had the opportunity to learn more about the world of web 2.0, and apply when I already knew to a business environment.  To help me better understand the environment and some of the relationships between technologies, I looked for a visual representation of web 2.0 and came across the Map of Online Communities by XKCD:


A fun way to visually represent a small amount of what’s going on in the web 2.0 world.  I’ve had this poster on my office wall since January now, but my collection has grown lately to include other broader images that present collections of tools and applications in different ways.  The collection of posters on my walls certainly makes for a more colorful space, and is a great conversation starter when people drop by to visit.


Above is the 2007 version 2 Web Trend Map from Information Architects Japan – one of my favourite maps.


I’m not sure who created the Periodic Table of the Internet, but it’s another colorful perspective on the landscape, although quite limited in what’s presented.


The 2008 WebTrends map (multiple versions of this map are available from Information Architects Japan) gets a bit too busy for my liking, although there is a lot of info on there to explore and discover.


Finally, The Conversation: The Art of Listening, Learning, and Sharing by Brian Solis and JESS3 is a summary of some of the key applications for a whole range of social media tools.

Do you have any other examples to share?  Have you used any of these (or other) maps in your work?