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Google Chrome advances the browser

Posted: November 13, 2008 in web 2.0
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googlechromeI started using the new Google Chrome web browser a few weeks ago, and the innovative features are really quite impressive.  While Firefox is certainly still ahead of the game for the many addons and extra plugins you can get, Chrome has some very impressive features worth highlighting – which will undoubtably make their way into future versions of Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari (if they’re not already a part of them?!).

1. The ability to drag around tabs – reordering them, and extracting a tab from a group into a new window – all very easy to do.

2. The default opening window displays thumbnails of the sites you visit most often.

3. The search feature is pretty amazing as well – just start typing in the URL field and dynamic search options are suggested.

4. The downloads management is also cleaner than Firefox & IE – no annoying popups to deal with.