Who is Mark Faul?

I have been working in the realm of web 2.0 / social media before either term was coined.  Starting in 1999 I was working for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in a group called Bellanet.  We we focused on using Internet technology to promote better collaboration in the field of international development aid.  Back then mailing lists were big, and e-groups (which went on to be Yahoo!Groups) served as the inspiration for one of our signature projects: DGroups (short for Development Groups).  Back then I used to do some web programming in Cold Fusion, and I developed the first framework and beta version of the DGroups application.

Check out my profile on LInkedin

As my interest grew more in the use of technology, as opposed to coding & creating applications, I handed over the coding duties to others and led the DGroups initiative to grow the partnership and help evolve the strategic directions in the use of the technology.

The advent of web 2.0 technologies is exciting.  Seeing the incredible diversity of creative Internet applications gives birth to new ways for people to connect with each other, to work together & collaborate; and really empowers a new generation of people who have much greater control over communication and interaction with others than in the past.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts as our virtual world evolves, and continues to knit more closely with the ‘real’ world.


me in the ‘real world’ …

avid hiker, cyclist, runner, rock climber

surviving the winter by snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating

discovering new things… photography, world traveller

and grounded in a raw vegan lifestyle.


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