OC Transpo Social Media Mashup

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been monitoring the OC Transpo bus strike in Ottawa since it began last Wed Dec 10th; and have been looking for ways to aggregate my various search channels.  Thanks to @NLC_Molly for the reference to the Reputation Monitoring blog post by Randy Woods, I discovered the real value of netvibes (which I had heard of before, but never really took it for a spin).


Netvibes has tools to allow you to aggregate your own social media channels – sharing your facebook profile, youtube videos, flickr photos, etc, in one place.  It also allows you to create a mashup of feeds and searches across the web; and with the right mix of search sources you can create a pretty good survey on the latest blogs, tweets, discussions, news posts, videos and photos being shared on a particular topic.  One shortcoming is the lack of RSS feeds from Facebook walls or discussions… hopefully something coming soon?!?

Check out my netvibes page monitoring the OC Transpo Stike


Any suggestions for other channels or feeds to add to the mix?

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